Content - Berlac AG, premium coating solutions for decorative applications in various industries.

We give you a decisive edge over the competition.

Lacquers determine the lasting appearance of surfaces by giving materials an attractive look and agreeable feel and by protecting them from chemical and mechanical impact.

With our finely-tuned sixth sense for future trends and firm commitment to quality, we have been developing and manufacturing premium coating solutions for decorative applications in Sissach, Switzerland, for more than 80 years. Our top-quality special lacquers are primarily used for automotive applications, spectacle frames, domestic appliances, hearing aids, cosmetics packaging, telephony, sanitary fittings, writing implements and for watches and jewellery.

By collaborating closely with you, we are able to combine your specific requirements and the demands of the marketplace with state-of-the-art developments in lacquer technology. This results in attractive surfaces of outstanding durability and emotional personality that effectively emphasise functional design and help to imbue polymeric and metallic materials with an unmistakeable identity.

Thanks to our subsidiaries and carefully selected distribution partners, we offer a perfectly integrated logistics and service network throughout the world. From initial vision to market launch, you can be confident that your product will be accompanied at every stage by experienced specialists. Our genuine closeness to customers guarantees that all projects proceed smoothly, with reproducible quality standards, hassle-free processing and short implementation times - everywhere in the world.



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